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Creating an exam question

Before getting started

In OpExams, each question is linked with its learning outcomes. This helps you get better reports later on the performance of the students in each topic.

So before you start designing the exam, make sure you set up the Learning outcomes for the course. Learn more.

Creating a question

  1. From the exam overview page, go to tabs at the top and click on Designer.
    If it's your first time creating a question, you will see a message saying that you don't have any questions yet.

  2. From the top right corner, click on the Add new question button.

  3. First you need to select the learning outcomes. You can select multiple.

  4. Then you need to specify the grade for the question.

  5. Now you can start adding blocks to the question. OpExams provides the following blocks:

    This article covers the first two types of blocks. Click on the block type to learn more.

  6. To add a block, click on the block button from the blocks bar, Or hover next to one of the blocks and you will see a + icon , click on it to add a new block.

  7. Once you finish adding the blocks, you can select the answer type:

    Click on the answer type to learn more.

  8. Once you finish adding the answer type, Click on the Save changes button and you will see the question in the questions list.

Deleting a block

  1. To delete a block, hover next to the block and you will see a list icon.

  2. Click on it and then click on the X icon to delete the block.

Moving a block

  1. To move a block up or down, hover next to the block and you will see a list icon, click on it and you'll see two arrow icons.

  2. Click on the up arrow to move the block up and the down arrow to move the block down.