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Grading answers in groups

Before getting started

If you haven't conducted any exams or if you don't have your answers imported and ready yet, you might wanna check out some of the previous articles.

See Importing handwritten answers, Importing scanned bubble sheets, and Printing an exam for more information.

Individual vs Group grading

After you import your answers, OpExams provides you with two different ways to grade them: individually and in groups. This usually depends on the type of the type of question.

For example, if you have a multiple-choice question with 4 options or a short-text question, it is much easier to grade them in groups. OpExams will group similar answers together and you can grade them all at once.

However, if you have an essay question, answers will be very different from each other. You will need to grade them individually.

This article convers the group grading method. If you want to learn more about the individual grading method, check out Grading answers individually.

Grading in groups

  1. From the exam page, go to the Grading tab. You will see a list of the exam questions, with a progress bar next to each question.

    You might see some or all questions with a full progress bar. This is because the AI automatically grades some questions for you.

  2. Click on the question you want to grade. You will see a quick preview of the answers. Under Grading method, select Group similar answers.

If you're grading a paper exam and you see a problem with cropping and process the answers, you can click on Edit mark regions to fix the position of the answer boxes. See Importing handwritten answers for more information.

  1. You should see a list of answer groups. The AI will try to group similar answers together. Correct and incorrect answers will be in their own groups. And similar but ungraded answers will also be grouped.

  2. Make sure all answers are grouped correctly (see the next section for more info), Then click Confirm groups in the top right corner.

  3. Now you can use the rubrics to grade the answer groups. Check out Grading with rubrics for more information.

Dealing with groups

  • To create a new group, click on the New group button from the left menu.

  • To delete a group, click on the Delete & ungroup button from the group card.

  • You can filter answers by group by clicking on the group card.

  • You can edit the name of the group using the Edit icon.

  • You can perform an action on an answer by hovering on the card of the answer:

    • Use Space to ungroup the answer.
    • Use N to move the answer to a new group.
    • Use the number of the group to move the answer to that group.