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Importing scanned bubble sheets

Before getting started

Before you start importing bubble sheets, make sure you already have an exam created and its questions designed.

See Creating a paper exam, Creating an exam question, and Printing an exam for more information.

Scanning tips

When you're importing bubble sheets, you can optimize the scan for better results. Head to Scanning tips for some tips on how to get the best results when scanning your bubble sheets.

Step 1: Uploading scanned bubble sheets

  1. From the exam dashboard, head to the Import answers tab and click Import answers.

  2. Select the import method. Here we'll go for Scanned bubble sheets.

  3. First, you will need to select the paper-style of the bubble sheet. We have some common templates available, but you can also add a new one.

    To add a new paper-style, select Custom style and click Continue.

  4. If you choose Custom style, follow this step:

    • Fill in the name of the paper-style.
    • Select the paper size, such as A4 or Letter. If it's a custom size, you can also enter the dimensions in millimeters.
    • Upload an image of an empty bubble sheet. This will be used as a reference when you're importing the answers.

When you upload a new paper-style, it might take us a while to process it. You'll see the new style among the options along with the estimated processing time.

  1. After you select the paper-style, you will need to upload the files. Click Upload and select the desired files, then click Submit.

Step 2: Analyzing the results

Now that you've uploaded the papers. The AI will analyze the papers for relevant information, find the students, and grade the answers.

Analyzing the papers can take a few minutes, depending on the number of papers you have. You can leave the page and come back later to see the results.

  1. Usually the AI will find all the students on its own, but if it didn't find one of them, you will see an additional page. You will see a list of the unrecognized students and their information on the papers.

    You can also create new students and link them to the papers, see Adding students by importing their papers for more information.

  2. Click on the Select button next to the student's information to match the information with a student in the system.

  3. Once you're done, click Submit.

  4. You can now head to the grading page to see the results.