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Importing students via a CSV file

Before getting started

In order to grade your students' papers and see their reports, you need to add the students to a course first.

There are 4 ways to add students to a course in OpExams:

This article covers the third method, adding students CSV file.

Student groups

If you're already familiar with students groups, you can skip to Importing students

In OpExams, students are organized into groups, a group can be a classroom, a course, a team, etc.

  • You can link one group to multiple courses and you can also add multiple groups to a single course.
  • You can have as many groups as you want, and you can add students to as many groups as you want.

Creating a student group

  1. From your sidebar, go to Courses > Course name > Student groups.
    If it's your first time creating a student group, you will see a message saying that you don't have any groups yet.

  2. From the top right corner, click on the Link group button.

  3. Click on the Create new group button. Enter the group name, and click on the Add button. (If you already have a group, you can skip this step.)

  4. Now you can see the group you just created. Click on the group card to open it.

Importing students

Now that you have the group created, you can add students to it. From the group page:

  1. From the group page, click on the Add students button. Select the method Import and click on the Continue button.

  2. You'll see an option: Create accounts for these students which is checked by default. The option will require an email for each student and will enable students to access the system.

  3. Now you have to setup the CSV file. You can download the CSV template from the Download template button. Click Next.

    If you already have your data in a different CSV template, you can still upload it. Click the I have a template button.

  4. This is an example of how the default tempalte looks like:

    Your own template may look different, but make sure to include the following columns:

    • First name
    • Last name
    • Student number
    • Email (if you want to create accounts for the students)

    Once your file is ready, click Next to and head to the upload step.

  5. Click the Upload button, select the CSV file, and click Next.

  6. Now in the mapping section, you need to match each column in the CSV file with the corresponding field in OpExams. For example, you might have the student number in a column called ID in your CSV file. You need to map the ID column to the Student number field in OpExams.

    If you used the template we provided, you don't need to change anything.

    When you're done mapping, click Next.

  7. In the last step, you will see a preview of the students that will be added to the group. If everything looks good, click Confirm.

If you check the Create accounts for these students option, the students will receive email invitations to join the platform.