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Creating an organization

Before getting started

If you're wondering how to get started and you don't have an account yet, we have a guide on how to create a teacher/admin account.

See Creating a teacher/admin account for more information.

What's an organization?

An organization is the main container for all of your students and teachers. It represents your school, university, or company.

You can create multiple organizations but we recommend that you only create as needed.

Creating an organization

  1. If it's your first time creating an organization, you'll see placeholder in your home page. Click on the Create organization button.

  2. First you fill in the name of the organization.

  3. Upload the logo of the organization and make sure it fits nicely in the circle.

  4. Select the country where the organization is located.

  5. Select the organization type, which can be either school, university, private institute, test center.

    If you select school. you'll be able to select the school type, which can be either primary, secondary, or high school.

  6. Select the Estimated number of students in the organization.

  7. Select the features you're interested in. This will help us know what to focus on in the future.

  8. Invite teachers. We alreayd covered this in the Managing the organization teachers guide.

  9. Click on the Create button.