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Importing a question from the question bank

Before getting started

This article exaplains how to import questions from the question bank into an exam. Before you begin, make sure you have your question bank ready. To know more about question banks, see: Adding questions to the question bank.

How to import questions

  1. Head to the Designer page. From the top right corner, click Question bank.

  2. In the question bank dialog, you can filter questions by learning outcomes and answer type. You can also search for a specific question by typing in the search bar.

  3. To import a question, click the Add to exam button in the question card. You can see the questions you added in the Preview section.

  4. When you're done selecting question, review them in the Preview section. You can also remove questions from the exam by clicking the x icon.

  5. Click Add questions to add the selected questions to the exam.