Everything you need for your Online exams

If you're a teacher, you know how much time and effort goes into creating and grading exams. With OpExams and with the help of our AI tools, we make it easy to prepare, grade and analyze your exams.

Process phases

We’ve got you covered, from the beginning till the end





Preparing exam questions is hard and time consuming

OpExams helps you save time and effort in preparing exam questions

Question bank

If you have been teaching for sometime, you probably already authored many high quality questions. OpExams organize these questions for you and place them at your fingertip

AI questions generator

OpExams has the best AI powered questions generator, you just enter context and it provide you with the question

Import questions in seconds

You have a long list of questions and exams? With our advanced AI powered tools, you can import and use them in seconds.

Live exams are stressful

Not when using OpExams

Rich question types

Multiple choice, true/false, matching, fill in the blank, phrase sorting, short answer, audio, video, and more.

Clear instructions

No questions about what is allowed and what is not, OpExams provide the students with clear instructions for the exam

Email Notifications

I forgot to prepare for the exam is not an issue anymore, students will get notifications reminding them to prepare.

Live communication during exam

Your students having some issues during the exam? they can send their questions from within OpExams and you’ll get a notification right away!

Live Proctoring

Concerned about maintaining the integrity of online exams? Well worry no more. With OpExams' live proctoring features, you can now observe and record students' activities throughout the examination.

Grading is the worst, right?

Well not anymore!

AI Auto Grading

Just drop the student papers into OpExams and our advance AI will automatically recognize the question and answer sections, parse the student answers and auto grade them!!!

Group similar answers

Not all answers can be auto graded? no problem we will group the rest of the answers based on similarities so you only need to grade 25 group instead of 200 different paper.

Rubric based grading

Use rubric items for more fair and even faster grading.

Exams are all about gaining insights, why throw this valuable information

Analyzing exams and gaining insights requires ninja skills and tremendous effort. OpExams provide this for you without any additional steps!!!

Skills Insights

Understand which skills your students are good at and which they’re struggling with

Questions Reports & Common Mistakes

Find out how effective your questions are for future usage and what are the common mistakes to focus on in your lessons

Personalized Reports

Each student get a personalized highlighting which skills to focus on